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By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead
Angel Lady

       The sea wind blows her shining chestnut hair  
             That flows as from a hidden mountain spring,
             Which, as the skylark rising on the wing,
       Flies heavenward up, as if in homage rare.

        I follow with my eyes this lady fair
             Who walks along the beach and gently sings,
             Quite unaware of all the joy she brings,
         But of my presence she is unaware.

              This heavenly vision glides before my eyes; 
              Then, as a sunbeam plays its devilish tricks,
               She seems to vanish quickly without trace.

               But is she but an angel in disguise?
               I search the empty beach with eyes transfixed
               But never more will see her lovely face.

Note: A Petrarchan sonnet often expresses a desire, reflects on reality, or otherwise presents a situation that causes doubt or a conflict within the speaker's soul - ie unrequited love.

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