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The Ant and the Grasshopper

Part 2
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Ant and the Grasshopper (The) part 2

The autumn came and winter too.

     Gone was the summer’s heat.
Poor grasshopper was in a plight

     With nothing there to eat.

He trudged up to the small ant’s home

     And knocked upon his door:
'Oh please!' he cried. 'Give me some food.

      You’ve plenty in your store.'

The little ant said: 'No no no!  

      I’ve not enough for you.
Whilst I worked hard to store this food -

      Well, just what did you do?

'I hope you’ve learnt a lesson though.

     You need to plan ahead,
And when those cold winds start to blow

      You’ll know that you’ll be fed.'

The grasshopper returned back home.

      He now knew what he’d do:
'I'll not forget in summer's sun

     That winter follows, too.

'I'll follow in my wise friend’s steps,

     And store some food ahead,'     

But now he trudged home through the snow

      And, hungry, went to bed.


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