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Longer Narrative Poems

By Josie Whitehead

An Aesop's Fable
adapted by

Josie Whitehead
Ant and the Grasshopper (The) Part 1

The grasshopper, a cheerful chap,

     Enjoyed the summer’s sun.
He danced and played his violin

     And life was so much fun.

A little ant passed quietly by

     And dragged an ear of wheat.
His life was hard, his day was long

     And often far from sweet.

'Come on!' called out the grasshopper.

     'Enjoy this day with me.
There’s music, dance and summer sun -

     And all of this is free!'

'I’m storing food for winter though,'

      The ant called in reply.
'When winter comes, what will you eat

       If you don’t put some by?'

The grasshopper just laughed and said:

     'The winter’s far away.
Don’t think about tomorrow now.

      Enjoy this lovely day.'

The ant, though, didn’t heed his words

     But went on with his toil.
He hauled the heavy ear of wheat

     Across the woodland soil.                                                   

                                                           part 2 . . . 


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