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Christmas Story-Poems 
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Cross & Heart
Cross & Heart
The Best Donkey .jpg


By Josie Whitehead 

Best Donkey of Them All (The)

IIllustration by Peter Hudspith

There was a field in Nazareth,

      Beside a joiner's yard. 
A little donkey stood and sighed -

    His life had been so hard.

'I’m getting old and not much use

      For carrying heavy loads -
For trudging round the town all day

     On hot and dusty roads.'

His kindly master, Joseph, said:

     'You mustn’t worry now.
Just spend your old age quietly

     With Bess, our milking cow.'

So Bess and he stayed in the field

     And watched the world go by,
When, suddenly from Heaven, appeared

      An angel in the sky.

'There’s one last job on earth for you –  

       A journey to be done.
A special donkey’s what we need

     For Mary and her son.

'From Nazareth to Bethlehem,

     That is the road to take.
We’ve chosen you to do this task,

       Especially for God’s sake.'

'But I am old and useless!'

       The little donkey cried -
'But, there again, I’d like the job

      For I feel quite young inside.'

The day arrived and off they set

      In sunshine warm and bright.
They travelled over dusty roads

      Arriving before night.

There were such a lot of people -

      Bethlehem was really packed -
And many other donkeys came

      With loads upon their backs.

The only place they all could rest

      Was in a stable, warm.
The little donkey stood nearby

      When Jesus Christ was born.


He went to sleep so happy:

     'I’m not useless after all.'
He dreamed about an angel who

     Came to his stable stall.

'Your work on earth is finished.

      Come to Heaven and take your rest.
God will love to have you with Him.

      Of all donkeys you’re the best.' 


Copyright on all my poems

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