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Funny School Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Better Than the Rest

When father put his glasses on 
     And Mum said: 'What’s that, dear?'
Brett wasn’t quite sure what to do
      But felt a surge of fear.

Agitation soon took hold of him -
     He broke out in a sweat -
For when he saw his school report,
     Foreboding then hit Brett.

His father’s face began to cloud,
     For there upon that page
Were words a father doesn’t need,
     Which turns a mood to rage.

'Brett’s lazy, careless, idle, dull;
      He’s shiftless, slothful, slow;
He’s unpunctual and indolent!' -  
      They hit Dad like a blow!

His mother’s brow began to crease:
     'But look - I’m quite perplexed.
Our Brett has come top of his class,
      So he’s better than the rest.'

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