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 Minibeast Poems 
for Children

By Josie Whitehead  

The Big Adventure.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Big Adventure (The)

From under a stone a beetle looked out
    And glanced at the sun shining down.
'I’ll have an adventure,' Beetle then thought,
    And decided to visit the town.

                        B    U    T    .   .   .   

There were so many people, and all with big feet,
    And their talking gave Beetle earache.
'The traffic! My goodness!' poor Beetle exclaimed,
     'I think that I’ve made a mistake.'

So he hurried back home to his safe little stone,
    And he gazed at the garden around.
How glad was poor Beetle to be home again,
      In a place where he felt safe and sound.

Copyright on all my poems

Sometimes we don't see what is right under our noses, but although we may have been brought up in a wonderful place, we still want the adventure of seeing more of our world, don't we?  My big adventure, aged 21, was to travel

(ie immigrate) on The Empress of England with other immigrants to Canada.  It took a week but then I had to travel from Montreal to Vancouver for 3 days and nights on the same train.  I did come home after one and a half years and was married here, with my family all around me.  Josie



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