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Black Cat 2


Animal Story Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

The Cat, Dog & Bantams 3.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Cat, The Dog and the Bantams Three (The)

In nineteen hundred and sixty three 
The winter was as cold as a winter could be, 
And icicles hung from every tree, 
      And everyone tried to keep warm. 

A cat and a dog and some bantams, three
Lived at a house with a kind family, 
And the bantams roamed the garden free 
     And everyone tried to keep warm. 
The bantams looked cold and the kind lady said:
'You can sleep in the house in your own little bed. 

In this cold winter weather, we don’t want you dead. 
     So sleep in my kitchen so warm.' 
So snug in their box, away from Fred Fox, 
Slept two little animals, hens and brown cock, 
And nothing disturbed them, not even the clock, 
      In this kitchen, so lovely and warm. 
Then early next day they’d arise and away, 
And it was so lovely, I really must say, 
To see a dog and a cat and small bantams play, 
     Then come back to the kitchen so warm. 

Copyright on all my poems  

And was this story true?  Yes it was.  The kitchen was my home.  The 3 bantams were our pets and they roamed our large garden freely.  The house is in Oldswinford, Stourbridge and it was an old house, having been a farmhouse at one time.  It had not only a large garden but also an orchard.   The 3 bantams came along as our pets, but we also had a dog,  budgerigars, tortoises, a rabbit, guinea pigs and 2 cats, in fact.  Why else do I write about animals and birds?  I hope you like the story in my poem.  Now, as an old lady, I just have wild ducks that come to my back door/garden every afternoon for their 'tea'.  (See:  Mucky Duck Limericks).  My cats and dogs, budgies etc have gone, but I'll never forget their friendship.  I hope you have pets too and are kind to them.  Oh, there was a cupboard which went from floor to ceiling next to a warm Aga cooker and the cat, our dog and 3 budgerigars all slept there during this dreadfully cold winter.  The hens and cockerel had their little boxes in the large kitchen.  They were all best friends.  Josie

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