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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Chop Chop .jpg
Chop Chop

'Chop-chop,' said Mum.  'We’ll be ever so late.'

'Chop-chop,' said Dad.  'Well we don’t want to wait.'

     'Chop-chop,' I said.  'I’m hungry you know!'

      And 'chop-chop' is said to those who are slow.


'Chop-chop,' said Charlie:  'They’re waiting for us!'

'Chop-chop,' said Matthew, 'or we’ll miss the school bus.'

      So it’s chop-chop to you and a chop-chop to me:

      My kettle is boiling and they’re waiting for tea!!!

Copyright on all my poems

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Note:  Chop-chop?  It means: 'Hurry up' of course.  Try using it to those who are slow, eg your tortoise or snail of course.  Josie 

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