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Christmas Story-Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Christmas Story (The)

Bethlehem was packed with people

    On the night of Jesus’ birth,

But few of them were quite aware

    God’s son had come on earth.


How do you think the shepherds felt

     Sat quietly with their sheep?

Angel Gabriel had told them

     Of a baby, fast asleep.


I think they would be frightened -

    Well, so would you or I -

To see a host of angels as they

    Flew high in the sky.


The wise men travelled night and day

     To find this special boy.

His birth, which had been prophesied,

     Would bring the world much joy.


The star had quite a task to do

    As it led folk to the place

Where the donkey, cows and little lambs

    Looked down upon His face.



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