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Longer Narrative Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Cinderella .jpg


Chapter 1

By Josie Whitehead

Cinderella - Ch 1

A king and queen had just one son
And other children had they none.
     Their son, their most beloved boy,
     Brought both of them abundant joy.

He grew up happy in their court,
But in his teens some troubles brought,
     For Charming - yes, that was his name -
     Brought to this royal pair some shame.

Gambling, women, drugs and drink -
'Oh goodness!!  What must people think?'
       Cried out the queen in deepest dread.
       'The solution is to get him wed.'

His father said: 'He needs a wife 
To have a firm hand on his life.
      'And think,' he added with a grin -
      'We’d likely get more kith and kin.'

They summoned Charming from his bed:
'It’s noon!  Get up and quickly fed.'
      At 3 pm he stood alone,
      Summoned to the royal throne.

'It’s time, my lad, for things to change.
There’s something that we must arrange:
      It’s time for you to find a bride -
      A wife to share your life with pride.'

'But I am happy,' Charming said.
The thought of marriage caused him dread.
      Lots of girlfriends brought him fun 
      So why be tied to only one?

His father, with a solemn voice,
Said: 'Look here lad, you have no choice:
     We’ve brought you up and it is fair
      That you provide a future heir.'

His mother, with her sweetest smile
Said: 'Find a girl who has some style.'
      'A royal princess with some breeding,'
       Added Dad with little heeding.

'Let’s hold a ball, invite some guests -
And you can choose who you like best.'
     But Charming thought of all he’d lose 
     And didn’t really want to choose.

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