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By Josie Whitehead

Come and See Ilkley

The gardens of Ilkley are such a surprise

And almost each year they win Ilkley a prize.

     Forget the old car and the problems of parking,

     On your own two feet see beauty more heartening.


Our beautiful gardens will make your heart lift.

The trees in their blossom are from God a free gift.

     With Victorian arcades and the church gazing down,

     Bradford is proud we’re the jewel in her crown.


From the Wharfe's busy waters look up to the moors.

By the sunshine-lit river we'll take a short pause.

     With pink flowering cherries and so many blooms,

     The gardens of Ilkley explode with perfumes.


The churches of Ilkley you really should see

And there's friendship for all with a good cup of tea.

     The band in the bandstand is playing our tune

     And the sun is so warm on this bright afternoon.


There are fruit shops, book shops and places to eat;

Wine shops and tea rooms all lining the streets.

    Your shopping is done with a measure of grace

     For nobody here thinks he’s running a race.


The clock on the church points to quarter to four,

But with so little time left to see any more,

     We must say goodbye, we’re sorry to say,

     But we will return on another fine day!

Copyright on all my poems

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