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Little Yellow Flower


S e n s e s   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

Little Yellow Flower
Paint Brush


By Josie Whitehead 

Colour Me Yellow

Bright coloured sunflowers that dance in the sun.
'I'm here,' said the primrose. 'I'll not be outdone!'
      The buttercup added: 'Now don't forget me.'
      'I love yellow cowslips,' buzzed the fat bee.

The brightness of sunshine – this surely must please.
Yellow ducklings, canaries, primroses, cheese.
     Though yellow is linked with cowardice and fear,
      I will always feel happy when yellow is near.

The lovers of yellow are contented with life
And much prefer laughter to conflict and strife.
     Yellow speaks of new life and of intellect too.
     Well you think of what else as I wish you adieu.

Copyright on all my poems




These colour poems make a good subject for you all to try with your writing.  Have you looked up the meaning of some of the colours?  I have (see above).  Write a colour and then link to it all the names of things which are of that colour.  The above poem is in anapaestic metre.  It's a lovely 'walking rhythm' isn't it?  Josie

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