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Pirate Flag


S e a   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead 

Pirate Flag
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Sea Poems
Pirate Flag


By Josie Whitehead

Do You Want to be a Pirate, Boy?

Do you want to be a pirate, boy,
     And sail the seven seas? -
To hoist the Jolly Roger, boy,
     And sail upon the breeze?

But could you fire a musket, boy,
     And watch the bullets fly? -
Then once aboard a merchant ship 
    Look your victims in the eye?

Amidst the flames and pistol fire,
    With cutlass in your hand, 
Are you prepared to risk your life
    For the sake of contraband?

Could you take people hostage 
    And steal their jewels and gold?
You’d need to show your darker side.
    Are you fearless, boy, and bold?

If you were caught, you’d pay the price. 
   Could you endure the pain?
By hanging you’d be punished, boy, -
    No pirating again!


They’d take you out, with hands tied fast, 
     And cart you through the streets.
Then in front of all those rowdy mobs 
     The gallows you would meet.

Do you really want a pirate’s life
     And sail those seven seas?
I’d give the subject lots of thought,
     Before you say: 'Yes please.'

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