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Chapter 4

By Josie Whitehead

Ch 4 - Elves & Shoemaker

The shoemaker said:

'Today at the church there's a Christmas bazaar,
        And a lady makes dolls’ clothes I know.'
After selling his shoes, both the man and his dog
       To the Christmas bazaar both did go.

'No dogs allowed!' said the man from the church,
      'But, of course, he can wait by the door.'
So poor Doggy, though sad, understood very well,
      For he’d been through these things well before.

Then the shoemaker went to the handicraft stall
      And there bought three tiny green coats.
'Twelve pounds,' said the lady.  'I made them myself!'
        And the shoemaker counted his notes.

When the evening arrived, the elves came again.
       They were thrilled with the things that they found
And in their excitement, they laughed and they sang,
       And with happiness danced round and round.

Ah, all stories must end, and this story must too.
     Did the shoemaker have a good life?
Yes for certain he did and his doggy as well,
       And I hear that he now has a wife!

Oh, and as for the elves, they returned only once
      For their job had now come to its end.
A note from the elves said: 'Goodbye and good luck:
     We were SO glad to help a good friend.'

Copyright on all my poems

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