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Chapter 2

By Josie Whitehead

Ch 2 - Elves & Shoemaker

He arose in the morning; he washed and then dressed,
     And before he went down, said his prayers.
There was no cup of tea, nor some cornflakes or toast,
      But a day filled with worry and cares.

He then put on his apron and went to his bench:
     'It's my last pair of shoes,' he then said;
And his poor little doggy, quite hungry as well,
       Watched him sadly from his little bed.

Now, are you quite ready to hear what he found,
      For I’m sure you will have a surprise?

He found there on the workbench some beautiful shoes.
       He could hardly believe his own eyes!

Did he stop there to wonder who’d made these fine shoes?
       No, not he!  He ran fast down the street.
He went into the shoe shop and showed them with pride
       And the smiles he received were a treat.

'We'll buy them!' they said, 'and please make us some more.'
      They knew well that they'd sell them with ease.
Then the manager paid him quite well for his work:
       'Oh, the children, we’re sure, will love these!'

So he'd money enough to buy some good food -
      And so he and his doggy ate well.
He had also enough to buy more leather too 
      To make shoes which of course he could sell.

He then cut up the leather for two pairs of shoes:
      'I will do these tomorrow,' he said.
Then, after their good meal, the shoemaker went
       With his dog yet again to his bed.

Before going to sleep he again said his prayers:
     'Oh thank you so much God,' he said:
And feeling more happy, the man and his dog
      Slept quite soundly all night in their beds.   


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