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Ch 3 - Elves & Shoemaker

Next day, after prayers, he returned to his bench -
      But he gasped at the sight which he saw:
Not one pair of shoes, no not two, no not three -
     Lying there on his bench he saw four!!

He returned to the shop running ever so fast
      And the manager smiled with delight.

With some coins in his pocket from selling the shoes,
      He bought food and new leather that night.

'Now tonight,' said the shoemaker, 'here’s what we'll do.
       We'll not hurry away to our beds
But remain in the room, very hidden away,
       And we’ll wait for our workers instead.'

'There is someone, for certain, who's making these shoes,
       And, now Doggy, keep quiet - don't bark!'
So the pair of them waited and quietly watched
        And before long they saw in the dark . . . . . 

Some very small elves soon arrived in the shop
       And they started to work straight away,
And by candlelight all of them worked on the shoes
        But they left long before it was day.

But there's something to tell you, I'm sorry to say:

       The elves each wore coats that were old.

They were not only old but the fabric was thin

     And I'm quite sure the poor elves were cold.

The shoemaker studied those hard working elves 

     And Doggy was watching them too.

Next day, with more money, he said to his dog:

     'I think that I know what I'll do.'

                                              Continued . . . . . .