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Poems for Reflection and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead
Flutter of Time (A)

A flutter of time from birth to the grave;
A flutter of time on the crest of the wave;
    A flitter, a flutter through life’s stormy sea -
    And a name on a gravestone is what’s left of me.

In that flutter of time, who on earth did you meet?
Is your name often mentioned by those on the street?
Did you leave some fond memories of things that were done
   With good friends, kind relations, a daughter or son?

As you fluttered through life, what things did you do?
What dreams, what experiences did you accrue?
    What memories are left of your time on this earth,
    For there are so many years to the grave from your birth?

As you fluttered through life, what words did you say?
Will they remember the ones that brightened their day?
    Did you make an impression upon people’s hearts
    That they’ll carry with them till the day they depart?

A flutter of time from your birth to the grave -
A sad sigh, a goodbye and a heart-wrenching wave.
    The parting is hard and it's filled with much pain,
    But the memories live on and it’s they which remain.

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