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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Happiness Door .jpg


       By Josie Whitehead

Happiness Door (The)

There’s a house in the country that’s quite undisturbed

And peace reigns supremely - except for the birds.

     They sing in the morning, the afternoons too,

     And even at sunset their voices are heard.


There’s a house in the country where flowers freely grow,

Where fruit trees surround it and cold winds don’t blow.

     There’s a chair sitting there:  Come, let’s take a rest 

     And put into your minds sweet thoughts of the best.


Write down on your list the things which bring joy 

And I’m sure there are lots for each girl and each boy.

    Have you written down ten?  Well, stop, write no more:

    With these thoughts you’ve opened your happiness door.

Copyright on all my poems

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