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Christmas Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Red Christmas Wreath
Red Christmas Wreath
Image by Sharon Watters


By Josie Whitehead

Happy Christmas Robin Dear

A robin sat upon a branch

     And gave a little sigh.
The ground below was frozen hard
     And snow came from the sky.

'Christmas cheer?  No, not for me!
      It really is a shame!' 
But then he heard the kitchen door
     And out the children came.

'Happy Christmas, Robin dear:
     Here’s something nice and sweet,'
And on the bird table they put
     A special robin treat:

Oh!  Lots of oats and dried mealworms,
     And apple pieces too;
Some fat balls, raisins, sunflower hearts -
     And now this robin knew 

That the children, in the winter cold,
     Thought of their friends, the birds,
And 'happy Christmas' really meant
     Much more than just two words.

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