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Christmas Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Stack of Gifts
Stack of Gifts
Wrapped Gifts

A HAPPY --------- TO YOU

By Josie Whitehead

Happy - - - - to You (A)

Old Santa Claus came round last night.

      Did you hear him when he came?

So today must be a special day,

      But I can’t think of its name.


The decorated tree looks good.

      Oooh!  Some gifts for me and you.

Whatever day has come again?

       Do these things give a clue?


There’s a turkey cooking in the oven

       And mince pies made, that’s true.

There’s a rich, black, pudding, filled with fruit –

       And other goodies too.


Around the room are lots of cards

      From friends both old and new

And pictures of the three wise men,

      And sheep and shepherds too.


There’s a special cake, made for the day

       And delicious things to drink.

Oh, whatever day is it today?

       Come on now, let us think.


This poem’s a special gift from me - 

       I hope you like it too - - -

But, I search and search and search again - - - -

     But where’s MY poem from YOU?   


Copyright on all my poems


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