Christmas Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Stack of Gifts
Stack of Gifts
Wrapped Gifts

A HAPPY --------- TO YOU

By Josie Whitehead

Happy - - - - to You (A)

Old Santa Claus came round last night.

      Did you hear him when he came?

So today must be a special day,

      But I can’t think of its name.


The decorated tree looks good.

      Oooh!  Some gifts for me and you.

Whatever day has come again?

       Do these things give a clue?


There’s a turkey cooking in the oven

       And mince pies made, that’s true.

There’s a rich, black, pudding, filled with fruit –

       And other goodies too.


Around the room are lots of cards

      From friends both old and new

And pictures of the three wise men,

      And sheep and shepherds too.


There’s a special cake, made for the day

       And delicious things to drink.

Oh, whatever day is it today?

       Come on now, let us think.


This poem’s a special gift from me - 

       I hope you like it too - - -

But, I search and search and search again - - - -

     But where’s MY poem from YOU?   


Copyright on all my poems






Note:  In fact this is my 90th Christmas/Advent/New Year poem to you all.  I hope it will inspire you to write a poem for me.  To write good poetry, especially the poems that you particularly like, just read and read and read again your favourite poems and you'll get your own inspiration from them.  This is exactly what I did, especially when I was a child.  Happy Christmas and I'll look forward to your poem.  Josie