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Animal Poems 
By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead


Nurtured, cared for and shown with pride,

These famous herds reside worldwide,

     But, when the sun sets in the west,

     To see them then is surely best - -


For, by cool waters, there beside,

They gather at the riverside.

    They toss their heads and give a shrug;

     Drink waters from the Wye and Lugg.


They glance at people walking by,

Watching through their soft brown eyes.

     They lower their heads and drink again

     Refreshing water given as rain.


These beasts have stood the test of time,

Their red and white coats quite sublime.

     They’ve not yet learned that man’s a cheat

      Who rears them only for their meat.


Copyright on all my poems

When I think of the Hereford cattle, I can't help but remember that my father was a Herefordshire man and I was born and grew up in the next county, Worcestershire.  My mother, living in Hereford, had a terrible accident when she was 78 and was unconscious in hospital for a week and brain-damaged as a result.   They resuscitated her and she lived for 2 years more, but never again recognized me.  I stayed with my brother from time to time, visiting my mother, and during the summer we would walk by the River Wye in the evening and the cattle would watch us, as I have said, through their soft brown eyes whilst standing, cooling themselves in the cool water of the river.  They didn't know I'd capture this scene in my brain and years later, when I took up writing poetry, they would come back in my mind for a special poem for you to enjoy.  Poetry is about capturing scenes in your mind and adding your own thoughts to the scene.  ie it is about painting a picture with words, but not just with paint but by using all your human senses, and your own feelings about the subject,  to illustrate your words.   Josie 

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