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Summer Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead
A Hot Summer's Day - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead 

Hot Summer's Day (A)

Summer is wearing her colourful gown.
Today she is coming to visit our town.
     She’s having an outing with her best friend, Sun,
     And they’re painting the flowers – so that’ll be fun.

Look!  She’s painted blue roses!  Oh, colour them red,
And let’s change these colours in this dull flower bed.
     Do you like black pansies?  'No!  Yellow are best,' -
     So the paint box came out, as I think you have guessed.

By the river you’ll see the pink blossom on trees.
Look!  They've played in the field, and stirred up a breeze.
     Sunshine said: 'Yes, it’s a good place to shine.
     I’ll make them feel hot.  It’s a great trick of mine.'

The time quickly went and left no time to play
For Sun had to leave at the end of the day.
    'How busy we’ve been!  We could do this again.
     So, why don’t we meet up tomorrow in Spain?'

Copyright on all my poems

NOTE:  When I wrote this poem I was trying to show children how easy it is to take one subject in a poem  and transfer exactly the style of writing to another poem.  So, which poem did I use to start this off?  Why:  AN AUTUMN VISIT

Go and see this and also:  THE WINTER PICNIC. 

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