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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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Hug a Bug or Kiss a Slug - Heading .jpg
Hug a Bug or Kiss a Slug?

By Josie Whitehead


Would you hug a bug or kiss a slug
      To show it your devotion?
Do you agree that little fleas
      Can cause you some emotion?

Mosquitoes?  Here’s a friendly one,
     So, let it bite your toe.
It only wants to suck your blood -
    I guess you really know.

A tarantula? Do you like them?
    Oh come, don’t be afraid.
This cockroach only wants to share
    Your cake and lemonade.

A scorpion then?  No don’t run off -
     He’s come to taste your toes.
Now look, you’ve hurt his feelings
     And see! It really shows!

So, minibeasts are out it seems.
     Now what else can I find?
Perhaps a friendly rattlesnake.
    Did you have that in mind?

Well, perhaps a lion or tiger then?
     You’re really hard to please - but
You know I only wrote this poem
      Because I like to – t e a s e !

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