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Sea Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead
I'll Walk Along This Beach Again
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Teaching Children Poetry

I’ll walk along this beach again, 
    Where waves caress the shore,
With golden sand beneath my feet 
     And sea treasures to explore.

I’ll scuff my feet upon the sand 
    And watch their trails expand
As the teasing wavelets follow me 
     And dance across the sand.


I’ll breathe in again the salty air 
    With the breeze upon my cheek.
Cormorants scout the clear blue seas 
     From far up lofty peaks.

I’ll clamber over golden rocks 
     Where rock pools gently warm.
Here, anemones and limpets hide 
      Away from rough sea storms. 

I’ll recall the very many years 
    That have passed since I came here –
Years filled with work, with caring - 
     One by they've disappeared.

As I walk along this beach again, 
    Do the years show on my face?
The world’s a very different place,
     Changed by the human race.

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My first teaching post was in Jersey, Channel Islands where I taught from 1963 until 1966.  The students weren't much younger than I was.  Anyone remember Miss Poole?  Young and single, doing the job I loved most, dancing to the bands of the 1960s and walking along golden sandy beaches,  climbing over the gold rocks of Jersey and never thinking of getting old one day.  Last summer I went back.  It was 50 years since I met my husband there and the hotel where we met at a dance had become a supermarket.  I'm sure the years showed on my face, but what happy years they were.  Does anyone remember Henrietta Nickels Secretarial College?  I'd love to hear from you.

This poem was obviously liked by teachers and children and I can tell you that it was published as one of almost 400 poems in 2010.  Sadly the publisher has now retired and the books no longer selling.  Josie 

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