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S e n s e s   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

I'm Truly Sensational

Said the slug to the *ladybird: 'Come and see me!

I am black and I'm slimy as all slugs should be.

      See these trails that I leave wheresoever I go?

      I don't wish to run so I always go slow.'

Said the blackbird to me: 'Come and listen to me!

This nice song which I’m singing's as clear as can be.

     From up here on your rooftop, I feel that I'm king

     And I sing my best songs and especially in spring!'     


Said the rose to the girl: 'You should come and smell me!

I am pretty and perfumed as all flowers should be.

     I sit here in your garden in your lovely flower bed -

     And - oh smell my petals of velvety red.'


Said an ice cream to Jack: 'You come and taste me

For I'm here in my cone and as sweet as can be.'

     So Jack said to the man: 'I will buy one of those,'

     And it soon touched his lips and the end of his nose.


Said the nettle to you: 'You come here and touch me.

Oh I never would hurt you.  I’m as soft as can be.'

     So you touched it and . . . . oh!  What a horrible pain

     And I know you will never touch nettles again.


 Copyright on all my poems

'Ladybird' is known as a 'ladybug' in American English.  

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