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Children's Story Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Tree Poems


By Josie Whitehead

Ickle-Wickle Tree (The)
Ickle Wickle Tree (The) - Heading .jpg

There's a special Ickle Wickle Tree
      That grows on Thorny Hill.
Well, it grew there when I was a child,
     But is it living still?

Its fruits are flavoured lollipops
     In many different hues,
And I love all those fruity tastes,
     But which ones would you choose?

The leaves are really toffee chews,
     And the branches?  Chocolate bars!
And the glittering lights around this tree
     Are just like shining stars.

But, oh, there is a problem now,
     And solve it?  Yes I will!
To find this tree you'll have to climb
       High up on Thorny Hill.

Sharp thorns and brambles clothe the hill,
     So the tree's quite hard to reach,
But come with me, let's find this tree,
     And pick some lollies each.

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Image by Nagesh Badu
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