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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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If You Lived in a Dictionary - Heading .


By Josie Whitehead

If You Lived in a Dictionary

If you lived in a dictionary

     You’d have to dine on words –

And words for breakfast, dinner, lunch?

     That might be quite absurd.


Then would you eat methodically –

     Perhaps from A to Z –

And would you know when it was night

     And where you’d go to bed?


Where would you hide if children came

     To check their spellings there?

Oh, living in a dictionary

     Would need a lot of  care.


There’s something else I’ve thought about

     And so I’ll ask this question:

“Could eating lots and lots of words

       Perhaps cause indigestion?”


At breakfast would you just eat words -

     Well, crunch on them with toast?

The longer, harder words, perhaps,

     You’d need to slowly roast.


If you lived in a dictionary

    And dwelt there, say, long-term –

Well tell me what I’d call you then?

     Of course, you’ll say - -  book-worm.

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