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People Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Kids Running


By Josie Whitehead

In Between

I’m in between both old and young

     And neither large nor small

And am I famous?  Am I rich?

     Oh no!  I’m not at all.


I’m in between so many things -

     Well, just look at my height:

I’m neither short and neither tall -

     Exactly the right height!


I live between the north and south -

     Yes in between for sure,

And though I’m neither old nor young,

     You might say I’m mature.


I’m not too fat and not too thin,

     But quite a healthy size.

My eyes are neither green nor blue;

     I guess that’s no surprise!


You wouldn’t say I’m brilliant

     But far from stupid too!

I’m one of many ‘in betweens’ -

     So tell me:  Are you too?


Note:  Either/or –


Copyright on all my poems

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