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By Josie Whitehead

In Grassington

Perhaps you’ve walked a Yorkshire lane,
Or crossed the moors and cursed the rain?
    'There’s never rain but always sun.'
     Hmm – No there’s not - in Grassington.

Perchance you’ve climbed its cobbled streets;
Seen cottage gardens, small and neat,–
    'And were the tourists having fun?'
    Hmm -  mostly, yes, in Grassington.


Did tiny gift shops lure you in,
Temptation waiting deep within?
     'Is this where all the world has come?' -
      Hmm - not quite all, to Grassington.

Do winding roads reach to the hills?
Were gardens packed with daffodils?
     'And do folk hurry - everyone?'- 
      Hmm – some folk do, in Grassington.

Here pubs serve food of English best,
And tired hill walkers sit and rest.
    'The tallest tales on earth are spun' -
     Hmm -  not on your life, in Grassington.

It’s here that tourists never fail
To find this gem within Wharfedale.
      'Darkness falls and day is done?'   
Hmm! - The pubs think not, in Grassington!

Copyright on all my poems 

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