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Funny Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Our wedding.jpg

My wedding day with Mr Right


By Josie Whitehead

In Search of Mr Right

Now Taffy was a Welshman

      And Taffy was a bore -

And Mum knew what she had to say

      When he came to our door.  


Gawky, graceless, impolite

     Are words that spring to mind,

But adjectives more accurate

     I’m sure you’ll likely find.


Paddy was an Irishman,

     With Irish charm and wit,

And I, along with other girls,

      Was tempted - just a bit!


But Paddy was a heart-breaker,

     Philanderer, and tease

Whose flirting ways with other girls

      For certain didn’t please.


Now Jock was Scottish, as you’ve guessed,

      And pleasing to the eyes,

But Jock was mean and thrifty,

     A shortcoming girls despise.


His penny-pinching habits

    Quickly led to my 'goodbye!'

Oh surely somewhere in this world

     I’ll meet the perfect guy.


Mike was English, pure and plain,

     But didn’t like to dance.

He asked me out, well once or twice.  

     I thought I’d take a chance.


He’s sometimes boring, good with jobs,

     But has a heart of gold

And together we’re enjoying life - 

      Despite the fact we’re old.


Copyright on all my poems

* Married 56 years this year - - - - ooooh!

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