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Anti-Bullying Poems

By Josie Whitehead
It's So Cool to Say No .jpg
It's So Cool to Say 'No'

When you know in your heart that you want to say 'no'

      Yet you open your mouth and what comes out is 'yes'.

 When perhaps saying 'yes' leads you on to feel sad

       With an ache in your heart and a lifetime’s regrets.


When you know saying 'yes' makes you feel it is wrong,

      You should do what is right and ignore all the rest.

Saying 'no' shows the world that inside you are strong

    And you’ll find other people are really impressed.


You don’t have to feel you must go with the crowd.

      It’s not smart to let others just lead you along.

Saying 'no' may be hard but inside you’ll feel proud

     And your friends will see you as the one who is strong.


Keep well clear of those others who’ll lead you astray.

     Be the one that stands out as the one they admire.

To say 'no' is quite cool - yes it’s more than okay.

     You’re showing the world your own true inner fire.

Copyright on all my poems

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