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Winter Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Jack Frost

Jack Frost was here last night I see.

He's left his mark on every tree.

    There’s frost upon our wooden gate.

     He’s iced the pond.  We now can skate.


Yes, Jack’s been here of that I'm sure.

There’s ice on windows and back door,

     And icicles hang from every tree -

     A stunning scene, you must agree.


The ducks can't swim now on the lake

And bread to them we'll have to take.

     Jack Frost’s been having lots of fun

     And giggling at the things he’s done.


Yes, he’s around.  Oh feel that bite!

He's well concealed, right out of sight.

     He's left the children a slippery slide.

     Where do you think that Jack would hide?


Jack Frost’s no friend to tender plants,

Nor to the birds - not even ants.

      He laughs when people slip and slide;

      And cars skid round and then collide.


His wintry presence takes its hold

And makes our cheeks go red with cold.

     Soon he’ll depart and we'll awake

     To find ducks swimming on the lake.

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