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By Josie Whitehead
Pine Spruce Branches 8
Pine Spruce Branches 8

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By Josie Whitehead

Joy of Snowboarding (The)

No bird could fly with better grace
Than man and snowboard who embrace
   The elements of ice and snow
   Where biting winds most keenly blow. 


The thrills, the spills, the headlong flings,
As man to snowboard grimly clings.
   He glides, he turns, leaps through the air
   And, to this harsh wind, heeds no care.

The peppery snow’s thrown into space;
The coldness lacerates his face.
    With courage, skill, assurance, speed,
    This man fulfils a vital need.
Above his head, the clear blue sky
Looks down as man and snowboard fly.
   He leaps an edge, out into space,
   Then lands below with skill and grace.

With fortitude on pristine snow,
Both man and snowboard deftly go.
   With heart now pounding in his chest,
   This man on snowboard’s at his best.

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