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By Josie Whitehead

Limericks          Edward Lear


By Josie Whitehead

So what ingredients make a limerick?


Usually guided by the style of verse shown below with its lyrical rhythm, although you don't have to start every limerick with 'There was' etc.  The rhythm is what makes the limerick different to other verse.


               Di dum diddy dum diddy dum

               Di dum diddy dum diddy dum

                        Di dum diddy dum

                        Di dum diddy dum

               Di dum diddy dum diddy dum

                   See my limericks below and here:
















































There was a young woman from Kent

Who spoke with a dreadful accent

        'When I want to say ‘better’

          It sounds just like ‘fetter’

‘Cos my tonsils are awfully bent.'


Now here is Virginia Knight

Whose hair’s in a terrible plight.

       When she chose to be blonde

        Her hair didn’t respond

And now it’s incredibly white.


A teacher who comes from Dundee

Said: 'I think you will surely agree:

       You’ll sell pizzas better

       Or deliver a letter

If you work hard and get a degree.'


A man with a long crooked nose

Said: 'There’s something I ought to disclose:

         It is just as I feared

         For my extra-long beard

Dangles down and it tickles my toes.'


A certain shopkeeper from Norwich

Ate only pork sausage and porridge.

       When he couldn’t get these

       Nothing else would quite please

So he kept up his strength with some *borage.

Copyright on all my poems

*Borage is a Mediterranean flowering plant with a star-shaped flower.  The oil from this plant is supposed to be very healthy for you.  
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