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Children's Story Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Two Little Cherubs.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Two Little Cherubs

Two little cherubs sleep all day

      Within this pretty park.

They do this each day of the year,

     But wake up when it’s dark.


‘Wake up,' one calls. 'They’ve all gone home.

      The moon is shining high.

Oh look, the pretty stars are out!

      They’re brightening up the sky.’


The other little cherub yawns

     And stretches out his wings.

‘How nice it is within our park.

       Let’s play upon the swings.’


Then backwards, forwards, up and down –

       And what next do they do?

Well, what things are there in your park,

       And what do children do?


I’m sure that you all like your slides

      And cherubs like slides too.

So they play upon the slides as well,

      Exactly as you do.


If you were there you’d see them play

      Upon each starlit night

But you are tucked up in your bed

     And safely out of sight.


They soon go back to sleep again

      When you come in the sun,

But did you guess at night they woke

     And each one had such fun?

Copyright on all my poems

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