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Minibeast Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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Little Green Caterpillar  - Peter Hudspi
Illustration by Peter Hudspith



By Josie Whitehead

Little Green Caterpillar (2)

A little green caterpillar looked at a leaf
     And his tummy was starting to ache.
'Mummy has told me to eat up my leaves,
      But I’d far rather eat juicy steak.'  
Then the fat little caterpillar looked at the sky:
      'Now why is the sky very grey?' –
And 'How do I get to see more of this world?
      Oh what must I do, then, today?'

A butterfly flew to the leaf next to him
     And noticed he’d started to moan. (or: scream)
'Now you hurry up and get on with those greens 

      And soon you can have a sweet scone.' (or: ice cream)​

'But my world is so boring with nothing to do 
     Except eating these rotten old greens.

I want so very much to be lovely like you
      And would love a nice plateful of beans.'

Suddenly his green coat started to split.
     He stepped into the warm summer day.
'I’m a butterfly now.  My dreams have come true
     And it’s my turn to fly and to play.'​

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