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Summer Poems

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Long Summer Days

The golden sun, on summer days,

      No longer sleeps for hours,

But, rising early in the morn,

      Awakens summer flowers.


The birds have babies who need food:

      They’ve a busy day ahead.

We humans, in our sunny rooms,

      No longer sleep in bed.


The insects wake and start their day,

       Before the mid-day heat,

And, listen!  In the distant fields

      Come the sound of little bleats.


Lambs and calves have now appeared,

      And playing, have much fun,

And the young of many others play

      Out in the summer’s sun.


Our human race is up and out:

      The children go to school,

But, spending days inside a school

      Seems, to children, rather cruel.


It’s not long till school holidays.

      Oh, enjoy your days of fun.

You worked to earn your holidays

      When all is said and done!   

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