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Christmas Story Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Looby Loo's Story - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead 

Lilly Loo's Story

'Christmas is coming,' I heard people say
As I sat in the window and watched them all day.
    So who is this person who’s called by that name?
    Perhaps it’s a toy or it could be a game.

Christmas is coming. They’ve switched on the lights.
It’s dark now at four so it’s such a long night.
    I feel quite important. I’m attracting attention,
    But wondering if 'Christmas' is just an invention.

'Christmas is coming,' said the face at the pane,
'And there are so many presents to buy yet again.
     John, look at this doll.  Oh, isn’t she sweet?
     I’d say that this doll would be quite hard to beat.'

I’m put on the counter and then placed in a box.
'You’re lucky to get her.  She’s the last of this stock.'
     Oh I hate it in here.  It’s so cold and so dark.
     'Amy will love her,' I heard someone remark.

I woke up abruptly when I heard some words spoken
For it’s hard to sleep quietly if you’re being awoken.
     Then I looked up and saw such a dear little face
     And suddenly I’m hugged in a lovely embrace.

Now Christmas is here.  I now know what they mean,
And Amy is treating me as if I’m her queen.
     My dream has come true.  I’ve a girl of my own,
     And I haven’t been left in the shop all alone.

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