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Minibeast Poems

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Midnight Raiders (The)

The snail spends its night going chew, chew, chew

And then stealthily slithers on its layer of goo,

     For whilst you are in bed it feeds, feeds, feeds,

     Preferring lush plants to your common weeds.


Your vegetables cringe and tremble with fear

When you’re not around and those snails are near.

     Your hosta will cower and your lettuce will shake,

     But these criminals hope that you won't awake.


The shiny black slugs prowl your garden too

And they also slide forward on layers of goo.

    They chomp away at their favourite greens -

     All those succulent plants and tender green beans.


We hard working gardeners don’t want these thieves

Who gobble their way through our precious young leaves,

      But during the daytime they all hide and wait

      And when the sun sets, they unite with their mates.


You can see where they’ve been by their silvery trails –

Those glistening marks left by both slugs and snails.

     They have relished their meals, committed their crimes

      And left their goodbyes with a trademark of slime.

Copyright on all my poems

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