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Animal Poems 

By Josie Whitehead

Image by Rachael Henning


By Josie Whitehead

Molly the Meerkat

On a bright sunny morn in the middle of May,
When the sun’s rays shone brightly upon this hot day,
      A meerkat called Molly gazed over the plain,
      Looking left, and then right and then left once again.

She’d a small furry face and a rather large nose
And the sharpest of small claws upon her brown toes,
     But the thing which you’d notice much more than her size
      Would be Molly’s enormous black animal eyes.

Then you'd probably notice the dirt on her nose 
For meerkats love digging as everyone knows!
       They all live in their burrows deep under the ground,
       And there’s safety in numbers when danger’s around.

Whilst her brothers and sisters, and youngsters as well,
Are all sharing their lunch in the place where they dwell,
      Molly scans the horizon with sharp meerkat eyes
      For those predators lurk on both ground and the skies.

Molly spots up above a dark shape that’s well known.
It's a creature that won’t leave small meerkats alone,
      And it could be an eagle or hungry black crow,
      So the family rush back to their burrow below.

The small meerkats in turn have to hunt for their prey
And so what will they eat in the course of their day?
       Is it mum’s apple crumble?  Fish fingers and peas?
o, it's worms and small insects.  All meerkats love these.

As Molly's a leader and head of her pack,
She must play a key role in averting attack.
       In her home with her family, on Africa's plain,
       As both queen and protector, long, long may she reign. 

Copyright on all my poems

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