Weather Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Rain Cloud
Beach Chairs
Girl with Umbrella
Tropical Storm


By Josie Whitehead

Moody Weather

The weather’s in a mood today:

     Well look up at that sky.

The sun is trying hard to smile,

      Whilst clouds are racing by.


Her normal, cheerful, smiling face

     Is now hidden by the clouds

And - shhh – what can I hear right now?

      Oh, thunder rumbling loud!


The rain decides to join the fight:

      Oh pitter patter rain!

You’re tumbling down on people’s heads;

       Then rushing down the drain!


The rainbow’s come to still the storm:

     Oh see her colours bright!

And the sun, who's peeping round a cloud,

      Says: ‘It surely isn’t night!


'So, may I show my face again

      And bring back warmth and light?’

Well yes, of course we want you back,

       But only until night!

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Moonlit Night