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(Part 2)

By Josie Whitehead

Mother Earth's Payback Time Part 2

Continued . . . .


The oak had stood for many years

     Within this sacred wood

But the men continued chopping

     For the king had said they should.

The selfish king cared little

     That the woodland nymph was dead.
The prospects of his handsome hall

     Filled up his mind instead.

He little knew that Mother Earth,

     Great goddess of the grain,
Had learned the tree had fallen

     And the little Dryad slain.

She said: 'I’ll make him suffer!

     He’ll pay dearly for this deed!
As he so likes the selfish life,

     He’ll feed and feed and feed!'

He couldn’t stop his hunger pangs,

     No matter what he tried,
And he became so overweight

     That he soon quickly died.

Selfish folk on earth should always

     Look before they leap.
Good Mother Earth’s just resting.

      She’s not in bed asleep!

'Please don’t destroy your lovely world,'

     Is Mother Earth’s advice,
'For if you do, this time for sure,

      You all will pay the price.'

Copyright on all my poems 


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This poem, one of 400 of my poems, was chosen by teachers and children and published in 2010.  It really does relate to the climate change in our world of today.  Josie

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