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5 October 2023


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(A poem for younger children
for National Poetry Day 2023)

By Josie Whitehead

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My Reuge is My Home - Dove and Blackbird.jpg

‘My ‘refuge’ is my home’ I said.

      'It’s where I love to be.

I can shut the door on everyone

      And a ‘house’ is home to me.'


‘My refuge is down underground,’

      Said the rabbit and the mole.

‘It may not seem like home to you,

      But we love our little hole.’


‘A nest is where I’ve built my home,’

     Said a blackbird to a dove.

‘It’s where my babies start their lives.

     It’s a ‘refuge’ filled with love.'


‘A refuge?’ asked a little dog.

      ‘A safe place for my home?

It’s wherever you, my owner, lives –

      And from where I’ll never roam.'

Copyright on all my poems

Jack Russell Sleeping .jpg
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SEE ALSO:  REFUGE - A poem for National Poetry Day 2023 for older children/adults.

*Refuge:  A refuge is a safe place in our world and quite often a home, 
but just sometimes it is not.  I'm thinking especially  of the dreadful flooding in Libya with destruction of homes and people.  There were so many people killed in their own homes.  Josie 

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