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Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Black and White Kitten
Black and White Kitten
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By Josie Whitehead

Naming Your Puss-Cat

Don’t call your puss-cat 'Mouse Catcher'
     Or other names like that.
Give lots of thought when you select
    The right name for your cat.

The she-cats like congenial names
     Like Pussikins or Pax

Whilst  tomcats like the stronger names 
      Of Oliver or Max.

Well, Tiger, Bella, Coco, Tom  
      Are names that head the list -
But Marmaduke and Kimberley
    Are  names you may have  missed.

Then, there again, I rather think
     Cats do not care a damn
And pussy’s happy being called
      Priscilla, Boots or Sam.

Whatever name you call your cat
     Will give him cause to purr,
But 'Come along, it’s dinner-time,'
    Are words that cats prefer.

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Drawing of Cat
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