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Christmas Decorations

Christmas Poems
For Children

By Josie Whitehead

Christmas Decorations
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Permission given for this picture


By Josie Whitehead

Nativity Play at School (The)

The nativity play's at school today.

     We must be there on time!
Our teacher told us yesterday:

      'I want you here by nine!'

There are such a lot of costumes

     And some tea-towels on display.
The Virgin Mary looks enchanting

     For today’s her special day.

Come and look at Baby Jesus.

     See, he’s like my doll at home.
There’s an angel in the corner

      Texting on his mobile phone.

Charlie Foster has been chosen –

     He’s a wise man yet again -
But he usually forgets his words

     For wisdom’s such a strain.


Sophie Newton is an angel

     Wrapped in her mother’s sheet.
The heavenly host look nervous

     But they’re also rather sweet.

Look, poor Joseph seems a little shy –

     He's skulking round the back.
No, he’s hiding with the shepherd boys

      Who're sharing out a snack.

Now the inn-keeper and wife are here

     And it’s almost time to start.
They’ve brought a little donkey too

      Who seems to know his part.

See, the curtain’s slowly rising now

       Upon a tranquil scene
With three shepherds sitting in a row,

      Their toy sheep in between.

Angel Gabriel appears now

     Wearing lovely golden wings.

When he’s said his piece, the angels come

     And everybody sings.


The shepherds don’t seem interested.

     They’re looking out for ‘Mum’

And one’s doing what he shouldn’t do –

     He’s eating chewing-gum.


This scene quite quickly changes

     And we’re in the stable, warm.

Look!  Mary’s sitting by the crib

     And Jesus has been born.


The shepherd boys come on the stage

     And all is going fine,

But it’s sad to see that Joseph still

     Is struggling with his lines.


The three wise men have now arrived

     But one is in disgrace.

The problem’s that his golden crown

     Has slipped upon his face.


Charlie Foster’s doing really well –

     He’s kneeling on the floor -

And Baby Jesus goes on sleeping

     In what seems to be a drawer.


Our Christmas play is over now.

     We’ve pleased our mums and dads

And the teachers all look happy

     So I guess it wasn’t bad.


Our headmaster thanks us one and all.

     Up goes a heartfelt cheer.

Thank God indeed for Christmas

     Which just comes but once a year.


Copyright on all my poems


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