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War Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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(A short poetic-drama)

By Josie Whitehead

Next of Kin Have Been Informed

'He was a good man, an honest man –
     A person loved by all.'

'A quiet man but handsome man -
      Slim built but also tall.'

'Whenever someone was in need,
      On him you could depend.'
'Yes, a gently spoken, cheerful man –
      Good neighbour and a friend.'

'At school he was my special mate –
     A loyal friend and true.
When things went wrong you always felt
      That he’d be there for you.'

'I married him - he was my life -
    The one who really cared.
A soldier’s wife knows well the risk,
    Yet never is prepared.'

'Our Daddy used to mend our toys' - 
      And pushed us on our swing.'

'He’d read us bedtime stories, too,
     And sometimes he would sing.'

'He was the child we wanted most – 
     Our much-beloved son - -                
But across the world, in foreign parts,
    He faced a sniper’s gun.'

'He’s a dead man now and carried high
     On shoulders of his friends.
This upright, decent, soldier lad
     Whose life came to its end.'

'The sun’s gold rays fall on his grave,
      The clouds send down their rain,
And the seasons seem to come and go
     In an everlasting chain.'


'With turbulence, the sea of life
     Bears mankind on its waves,
And warring man’s brave combatants
    Continually fill our graves.'

Copyright on all my poems

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