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Sports Poems - Swimming

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Olympic Swimmer (The)

My training programme’s been extreme
But my hopes are pinned upon a dream.
     Yes, at the next Olympic Games,
     I’ll surely put the rest to shame.

My spare time’s spent inside the pool,
Before as well as after school.
     It’s thirty miles I swim each week.
     I’m told it helps to build physique.

At fourteen I’ll swim ten miles more,
As many others have before.
     The pressure’s on, and I know well,
     To fall behind will be farewell.

Then after this, it’s to the gym –
My word, this life can seem quite grim!
     A sense of fun?  Oh, that’s quite flown.
     Instead you’ll often hear me groan.

Yet others wish for my success,
So I’ll go on and train I guess.
     There’s always hope within my sight
     That I’ll display a medal bright.

With pride I’ll swim, and length by length
I’ll show the world my inner strength.
     With head well down, and limb by limb
      I’ll demonstrate how well I swim.

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