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Love Our Planet Earth

 By Josie Whitehead

Love the World


By Josie Whitehead

Our Planet Earth Depends on Us

Our Planet Earth depends on us -

     Yes, every living soul -

And the love we show it every day

     Should be our human goal.


Here are some thoughts to keep in mind

     As you begin your day:

It’s things that you can do at home,

     At school and in your play.


Transfer your rubbish to your bin

     And recycle things as well:

Paper, bottles, cardboard, cans –

    But wash out things that smell.


Plastic can wash out to sea

     And harm the wildlife there –

So think, and think, and think again,

     And do take lots of care.


Don’t spend your spare time motoring,

     But play outdoors instead.

You’ll use up all that energy

     And sleep better in your bed.


Our Planet Earth depends on us;

     It’s home to me and you.

Remember we should show our love

     In everything we do. 

Copyright on all my poems

WHAT CAN YOU DO?  Discuss this subject in your classroom in your groups and perhaps one of you could give a little presentation.

You could keep a note of all that you do during your week to protect our planet, or of information you've obtained, and add it to a board in your classroom - or discuss it in your class.  Josie 

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