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S e n s e s   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

Our Wonderful Senses - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Our Wonderful Senses

Can you hear the roaring wind
      And taste your mother's cake?

Can you feel the gentle breeze

      And that tiny soft snowflake?


Can you see the fluffy clouds
     Which float across the sky?
In autumn do you light bonfires
     And see the sparks that fly?

Can you feel your mother’s hug
     Or hear your father’s joke?
Without our hearing we’d not hear
     The words our teacher spoke.

Our senses link us to our world

     And help us to survive.

So . . . . . . 

How many senses do we have?

     Ah yes, we each have five.


Copyright on all my poems 


Follow Up:  Write down the names of the five senses.  Then under each sense, write down 5 words which relate to something which you have touched, heard, seen, tasted, or smelt today, or even right at this moment.  Perhaps you may only wish to discuss these things with others on your table.  As for me: I've just heard the kettle boiling, so that means I'll touch the tea bag, the kettle and the milk and will taste a cup of tea.  So I'll leave you to finish your task. 


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