Painting a Picture in Words -
Poem for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Paint Brush
Paint Brush
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Paint Brush
Paint Brush


By Josie Whitehead

Paint Me a Picture (2)

Paint me a picture to light up my heart.

Take paints and a paintbrush and come, let us start.

     Paint me a picture of moonshine and stars -

     Not a dusty dry planet like faraway mars.


Paint azure blue seas and an indigo sky

And ships with white sails that slowly glide by.

      Paint me a picture of icebergs and snow

      And paint children playing, their faces aglow.


Paint me a picture that, when winter’s here,

It will light up my life with contentment and cheer.

     Paint me a picture of sunset red skies –

     A picture of beauty to delight human eyes.


Paint me a picture – yes, paint one today

That’s colourful, cheerful - not gloomy and grey.  

     Paint red rosy apples and red berries too –

     And paint for me something that’s different and new.


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Paint Brush